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The Croissant Process

    At the core of our business is the Croissant. Below, is a break down of the three day process needed to execute the intricate French technique and create the flakey goodness you all know and love.

The Dough

Keeping it simple! A balance of Flour, Yeast, Milk, Salt, and of course Butter is the start of the process. The next steps can be lengthy, require patience and consistency so we keep this first step easy! Mixing our ingredients together and then it rests.


    While we used to do this step with a rolling pin, we now have a Dough Sheeter to help us keep up with the demand. The dough is wrapped around butter blocks, rolled and folded several times to create the many layers in the dough and allowed to rest again.

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Shaping & Proofing

Rolling it out one final time, we begin shaping. Different flavors come in different shapes, so it can be a puzzle to get everything to fit. Once shaped, the croissants are proofed before it goes into a hot oven!


Glazed in egg wash, our croissants go into the oven and come with a beautiful flakey brown exterior and a fluffy delicious interior.

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